December 1, 2012 The Christmas Windows are shining again: the Christmas Windows 2012 in Neuenhof / Switzerland.
December 1, 2010 Windows for the christmas time: the Christmas Windows 2010 in Neuenhof / Switzerland.
November 3, 2010 Added three new Video Snippets, see in section On Tour.

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February 15, 2010 New Desktop Wallpapers in section Fun.
December 1, 2009 On the way of lights: the actual Christmas Windows 2009
November 21, 2009 Some 'moving pictures': Video Snippets, a new page in section On Tour.
December 1, 2008 When the windows open: Christmas Windows 2008 in Neuenhof.
January 4, 2008 Iceland Desktop Wallpapers in section Fun
December 7, 2007 Lights for Christmas: the actual Christmas Windows 2007
February 15, 2007 New Spring Desktop Wallpapers in section Fun
December 1, 2006 The way through the lights: Christmas Windows 2006 in Neuenhof / Switzerland.
January 8, 2006 Winter Desktop Wallpapers in section Fun.
December 2, 2005 The big advent calendar: Christmas Windows 2005 in Neuenhof.
October 7, 2005 New Desktop Wallpapers in section Fun.
February 3, 2005 Around the mystic and legendary Island: Ireland Screensaver in section Fun.
December 4, 2004 The street of lights: the Christmas Windows 2004 in Neuenhof / Switzerland.
May 30, 2004 New Desktop Wallpapers in section Fun now in four resolutions:
800x600 - 1024x768 - 1152x864 - 1280x1024
December 1, 2003 24 lights for advent: the Christmas Windows 2003 in Neuenhof / Switzerland.
February 6, 2003 A photographic reportage from the Streetparade 2002 in Zurich in section Countries.
December 7, 2002 Lights for Christmas: a real Advent Calendar and the actual Christmas Windows 2002 in Neuenhof / Switzerland.
March 5, 2002 Scotland - Through the Low- and Highlands in section Countries.
February 24, 2002 Search the website with the search tool
December 31, 2001 A Christmas- New Year special from Neuenhof / Switzerland:
the Christmas Windows 2001 and the Christmas Windows 2000.
November 19, 2001 The magic of a grandiose landscape: Scotland-Screensaver in section Fun.
October 15, 2001 Colourful Desktop Wallpapers in section Fun.
Several technical improvements (CSS, more stable layout, faster loading,
better frame-scripts, more quality pictures inserted/changed).
August 23, 2001 The complet overview in with the Sitemap.
Panoramic Desktop Wallpapers in section Fun.
The renewed animated Main Page
May 30, 2001 A special Italy-Screensaver in section Fun.
4 brandnew Desktop Wallpapers in section Fun.  
April 23, 2001 Have a look around: 14 Panoramic Pictures from Mallorca in section Subjects.
New Desktop Wallpapers in section Fun.  
April 3 - 16, 2001 Spring on Mallorca , a live diary in section On Tour.
February 7, 2001 New Screensavers in section Fun.  
January 24, 2001 Tips for a better picture quality in section Why?.
New Desktop Wallpapers in section Fun.
December 19, 2000 Have a look around: 360° Panoramic Pictures in section Subjects.
November 9, 2000 New Desktop Wallpapers in section Fun.
September 20, 2000 Several technical improvements. Change to a faster server.
September 1, 2000 The On Tour Journey to Iceland comes to an end.
July 18, 2000 The english version is available!
More than just thanks go to Brigitte. :-)))
July 2, 2000 The section Why? is activated. (in german)
June 27, 2000 Setup of
Only the sections New!, On Tour and Subjects are activated.
Sorry, there was no time for more before the start to Iceland.