August 7

(Details on the North Iceland map)


Straight over the map there are only 140 kilometers from the ring route to Isafjördur, but in reality the distance stretches along the fjords over 338 kilometers. 5 years ago this route was a real strain, but today the road is better. Half of the route has been asphalted - but it's still a very looooong distance...


I just had to think of the song '7 bridges you have to cross...'. Bridges would be very nice here, but there aren't any. So the text should be changed to 'Around 7 fjords you have to drive...' It could be even 9 or 11, in the end it's the same result: after 20 minutes you see the other side of the fjord - very interesting...



Inspite the long route, the landscape is just fantastic, especially when the mountains are reflected in the water. In the evening I have reached my goal for today: Isafjördur in the north west.

Some sights are really impressing, in spite of so many kilometers. You may convince yourself with
the panoramic picture of Alftafjördur and Isafjardardjup (87kb) .