August 3

(Details on the East Iceland map)

At lake Myvatn near the volcano Krafla is a volcanicly active area. It lies exactly above the crack of the continental plate. (have a look beneath!). Looking at the cracks the plates can almost be presumed.


Some cracks are filled with ground water. 10 years ago it was no problem to take a bath here. Meanwhile the temperature rose to 50 - 60 degrees celsius. I could almost boil my lunch here!


There are several areas of high temperature in the fields of lava. Here a good description (directly from the board):



Over the last few years the high temperature areas have been growing. The mud hole bubbles more than before, but the activities on the surface cannot be connected directly to the ones beneath.

By the way, the cold mud sticks incredibly at the bottom of my shoes. In rainy weather one collects whole 'plates' of mud on a short hike! The rest of the clothes has an uncomparable scent - pure rotten eggs! *grin*