August 2

(Details on the East Iceland map)


The canyon Asbyrgi is hard to describe. The creation of the canyon in the shape of a horseshoe could not yet be explained. In any case Steven Spielberg would have a fantastic scenery in this canyon for a movie on dinosaurs.

It is not easy to get the whole horseshoe canyon on one picutre. The panoramic picture of Asbyrgi (59kb), however, gives a very good impression.


The glacial river Jökulsa a Fjöllum transports about 200'000 tons of material every day. A water gauge was installed next to the bridge. Water samples are often taken to get to know the dangerous river better. By now, the river has dug a deep canyon into the landscape.



Into the realm of myths belong the figures of Kerlingin and Karlinn. Almost every rock or hill in Iceland has its own tale. Many of them are interesting or funny, but they are too long to be recounted in my daily reports.

Read Iceland's literature on elfs and fairies or on the history in the form of sagas. A lot of the stories are more than a thousand years old.


The roaring waters of the Dettifoss. Every liter of water includes about 2 grams of rock and, therefore, the waters are slightly grey.

There will be a panoramic picture tomorrow. First a little nap...
Panoramic picture of Dettifoss (73kb)