July 31

(Details on the East Iceland map)

There are growing so many trees at lake Lögurinn near Egilsstadir, that it is impossible to see around the next bend of the road (all reafforested). The Icelanders like this place very much and always recommend to visit it. For Non-Icelanders it's not so interesting, but it's nice anyway.


Northwest, further on in the direction of Mödrudalur. The gravel road (still on 'Highway Number One') is nicely developed. Approaching cars are recognized immediately because of the dust clouds... If mine can be seen as well?


Normally the heaps of stones indicate where the street is, but it is also a custom to build a new heap on special places when passing for the first time. - Quite practical, even more so if the big stones are taken from the street, so that the passage is clear.